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Yamaha Silent Brass Mute: A Great Gift for Brass Players!


Yamaha Silent Brass Mute: A Great Gift for Brass Players!


Looking for a gift for the brass player in your life? Check out the Yamaha Silent Brass System! The Silent Brass System is more than just a practice mute, it's a practice MUST. Not only is this one of the most effective mutes on the market for cutting volume while playing, Yamaha's innovative Brass Resonance Modeling allows the player to hear their instrument as it was meant to sound. This mute has been recently redesigned by Yamaha to be lighter weight and offer less air resistance to make a more natural playing experience. Some great uses of the Silent Brass mute are:

  • Practice at home without bothering family or neighbors
  • Plug into a computer for recording
  • Use with guitar effects pedals for a unique sound

The Silent Brass system is available for trumpet, trombone, flugelhorn, french horn, and now also euphonium and tuba. Come by the store to see the mute in action, or check out some of the videos below.