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I Can Just Teach Myself, Right?


I Can Just Teach Myself, Right?

by Bradley

I Can Just Teach Myself, Right?

This is a question that I get all the time. In some cases, the answer is yes. In most cases, however, the answer is no.

Musical Instruments are hard enough to learn with lessons. Even harder without lessons. True, a few folks can sit down and start playing guitar along to the radio, by ear. These type of people are very rare.

What it really takes is hard work and determination. A private lesson instructor can lead you on your musical journey.

Is there a point where one could stop lessons and start learning on their own? Yes, in most cases, but many advanced players still take lessons. It is always nice to have someone to guide, and there are always new things to learn.

The instrument is very important, as well. People come in with beat-up, old guitars that they have retrieved from a moldy basement, think that we can repleace the one broken string, and it's good to go. In most cases, unless it was a really nice guitar, these intruments are not worth repairing. Guitars, like many things, need to be maintained over time. If neglected, they actually become very dificult to play.

New guitars are not that expensive. As long as it is in proper working condition and set-up, it can be used fo lessons. Improper equipment will cause frustration and, lead to the student quitting the instrument.

The same goes for Band & Orchestra Instruments. If they have been sitting in Grandma's basement for the last 20 years, you could be looking at a $300-$400 repair to get it back to playing condition.

As a person who has played music since age 6, and has taught private lessons for over 10 years, make sure that instrument is working properly before your student begins playing.

With proper lessons & practice, they will be playing their favorite songs in no time!