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Upgrade Your Sound


Upgrade Your Sound

by Milton
Imagine the largest showcase of instruments in the nation is your playground? Oh wait, it is! Come and play with us and some of the world’s best instrument makers! You can try any instrument before you purchase, consult with experts- and with amazing discounts and rebates, not to mention up to 36-month financing, it’s easier than ever for you to upgrade your sound! RSVP now! RSVP: http://www.musicarts.com/UYS?source=LGOA8K2L View More


by Kristin
Rental Season is here!   This means a whole lot for us and very little for you besides that the best deals of the year for Back to School are here!   This means special pricing on all of your Band & Orchestra supplies, and more importantly: The trial period pricing on our rental instruments are going active for the season. What does that mean? It means Trumpets, Clarinets, Trombones... View More


by Kristin
BACK TO SCHOOL!   With the Summer winding down, I know many of you are starting to pull your lives together in anticipation of resuming the routine of school and extracurricular schedules. For us this also means the Band season has technically already begun; High schoolers everywhere are back from or will be getting back from their band camps, and that means they'll need to stock back up for the... View More

Repairs - July

by Kristin
Folks, We are getting closer and closer to back to school season and the closer we get, the busier our repair shop becomes, but don't fear, I have come with good news! If you want to beat the rush and get your instruments tuned up, re-padded, de-dented or even orverhauled, now is the time to bring those in.  The band directors in the area know that the busy times are the weeks before school starts... View More

Summer Is Here. Lets Do Lessons!

by Sean
Summer is here (And there was much rejoicing)! So while I suspect that many of you are criss-crossing the country on vacations, you'll also be looking for something to do in the empty hours. I'll tell you this: Nothing in the world beats playing your guitar on a breezy summer day. Whether on your patio, under a tree, or in front of the bonfire, music makes everything better.   At M&A|Westerville... View More