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Summer Is Here. Lets Do Lessons!


Summer Is Here. Lets Do Lessons!

by Sean
Summer is here (And there was much rejoicing)! So while I suspect that many of you are criss-crossing the country on vacations, you'll also be looking for something to do in the empty hours. I'll tell you this: Nothing in the world beats playing your guitar on a breezy summer day. Whether on your patio, under a tree, or in front of the bonfire, music makes everything better.
At M&A|Westerville we do over 500 lessons a week. We have teachers that can get you started if you're new, or take you to the next level if you're not. You can learn Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, and yes: even Classical. And the perfect time to get started is this Summer.
Give us a call to find out more; if you want to learn it, we've got someone to teach it.
Catch us at 614-891-9008 or shoot us an email through the Store locator at https://stores.musicarts.com/
Of course, my favorite thing is when y'all come into the store!
43 N. State Street is down the street from Graeters and across the street from Whits. If you want to be our best friends, maybe you'll bring us some! We can talk about your student's needs and see if we cant find a great fit for you!
From the Lessons Studios,
Sean Feverston, Lessons Coordinator