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Back to School Season


Back to School Season

by Tiffany

Back to school season is just around the corner and that means band camp, chamber orchestra rehearsals, and a lot more practicing! It’s probably been a while since you’ve touched your instrument, so now it’s time to dust off your case and come visit your local Music & Arts store! In case you are in need of a refresher for the back to school season, we have many different lessons for you to choose from. For our aspiring LVYO students or future section leaders, we have amazing teachers such as Jason Markel, Katherine Garcia, Dymtro Nehrych, David Levin, and many more! All of these fantastic teachers are background checked and have everything you need to succeed. Along with lessons, Music & Arts also have rentals. Rentals are very important for every musician because it makes practicing much more convenient and is the key to mastering your instrument. We also want to make sure this very important process is as stress-free as possible, which is why rentals can be done either in-store or online at musicarts.com. Now that all of the technicalities of playing an instrument are taken care of, we can focus on the best part: making music! At Music & Arts we have numerous opportunities for you to show off everything you know, with events ranging from recitals all the way to a choir caroling boot camp! We hope you can stop by soon and talk to us about lessons, rentals, or even caroling! Make sure to keep practicing and enjoy your school year!


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