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May is 4 Music


May is 4 Music

by Tiffany

Hello Henderson.



We are so happy with the tun out this April for the vocal class. We had about 15 wonderful people attend!


This month we have an Upgrade Your Sound event on Saturday the 4th from 10am-3pm

*All musicians will have the opportunity to try out some intermediate and step up model instruments! Maybe you've been playing on a student model trumpet for a long time. Have you ever thought about playing on a silver trumpet!? Go ahead and give the stores a call so we can RSVP you for the event!

It's summertime! That means camping, beaches and lots of lounging around. Don't forget to bring a guitar! Maybe you want some lessons to have something to do over the summer! We have guitar classes every single day of the week! You have a lot of down time which you can use to practice!