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Rental time!


Rental time!

by Steven

So the school band rental season is upon us. As it gets crazy in the store, we seem to get more streamlined. Other shops take hours (or it just seems like hours) to get through the rental process. We can get you in and out with all the supplies and books you need in about 12 minutes. 

Here's what makes us the best choice for your rental this year:
1.  We only rent top brands. Real brands that your teacher won't freak out about. Like Yamaha, Bundy, and Jupiter among others. No silly house brands with fancy French sounding names to fool you into thinking they're quality. Just the real deal. 
2. We don't have any minimum rental period. It's just month to month!  You pay for a month, you get a month. You bring it back, no problem. There's no fees to return or exchange your instrument at any time.  We want to make it easy to get what you need.
3.  2 full years of your rental payments go towards the purchase of a new instrument. Yep that's right. That can really make a difference. Good instruments are not cheap. Renting makes it affordable and easy to figure out what you really like. Don't waste your rental payments by renting elsewhere. 
4.  We have a constantly updated database on almost every school in the nation. If your school needs a specific book, we make sure to have it in stock. We want to make the rental experience super easy for you. We know how frustrating it can be for families new to the music programs. No more, "Awe man! I don't know what my kid needs. We'll have to come back later." We know what the band teacher wants because he/she told us!
5. We rent almost anything for school band. For example, we can get that hard to find Bass Clarinet for you. Or, that pesky Tenor Saxophone that you've been calling all around town for. If it's not in our store, we'll get it right to your door. Fast!
6. We are much more fun than the other stores. I mean really, we are awesome here in Rancho. We want everyone to leave with a smile and with the excitement of starting their musical career on the right path.
Anyhoo, that's just a few reasons why you should consider Music & Arts  Rancho Cucamonga for your band rental. If you need more info, call us up at 909-989-5757 and we will get your questions answered?
Thanks for reading,
-Steven and the Rancho Crew