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What do I get for my musician?


What do I get for my musician?

by Steven

What do I get for my musician?

Thats a pretty comon question this time of year. Do you just buy some typical stuff like picks, strings, reeds or oils? The answer is, Sure, you can do that. Your musician will probably appreciate that very much. But there's lots of great gifts here at the Rancho store like cool music shirts, silly music socks, a brand new Eastman French Horn (that's a pretty awesome gift) ect.. you also might want to just come in and grab a gift card. Musicians LOVE to come in to the music shop and grab the stuff they need. Especially when it's free for them.

We hope this little blerb helps you in your shopping adventures this year. If you need some more Ideas or advice feel free to pop on in and any of us would be glad to help. That's what we do best.

Stay warm,


-The Rancho Team