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What do I do with my rental over the summer?


What do I do with my rental over the summer?

Hi Everyone, 

This is a very common question we receive every summer. Many parents ask what they should do with their rental over the summer.  I would highly suggest holding on to the rental over the summer. For starters, when you play an instrument you are gain muscle memory on how to correctly play your instrument and building up stamina as well.  If you stop playing ovre the summer you will be playing a major game of catch up in the fall when you start playing again. Rather than taking a step back, I would suggest taking lessons over the summer. These lessons are a great way to get personalized teaching that covers songs you are interested in and will cover material that is specific to what you need as a player.  If you find that you schedule is too crazy, I would suggest taking a look at our "FUN" books. These books are written for your specific instrument and are arrangments of popular music. The use of popular music provides a fun experience when practicing rather than always using the method book from school.


Feel free to reach out to any of us at the store to discuss lesson options or to direct you to where the FUN books are located.