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by Joshua

... and the living's easy!!! School may be coming to an end but your journey is just starting. Don't lose what you worked so hard to gain this year. It is very easy to sit back by the pool and not think about what next fall has in store for you, but I promise if you let your chops slip, the fall will be harder than you remember.

Don't get me wrong, you worked hard this year you deserve to relax a little. Your practice regimend does not need to be as rigorous as during the year. Carve out at least 2 days a week that you can practice for about an hour each. This is also the time to pick up some fun books. Maybe now is the time to learn that new pop song you can't get our of your head.

Talk with your teacher and see what they recommend you work on for next year. Take up some summer classes to push yourself to the limit. Do whatever it takes, to at least maintain your skills.