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How to Help Your Student Practice


How to Help Your Student Practice

by Ellen

So your child joined the band or orchestra this year! Congratulations! You’ve picked up the instrument, books, and supplies for the class and sent them to school. But now what? As a parent what is your role in helping them learn an instrument you may have never even heard of until a few weeks ago? There are a few simple ways you can encourage your budding musician in their endeavors at home no matter your own musical background.

Listen to music.

Yes, listening is just as important as doing! Encourage them to listen outside of their comfort zone. If they listen to mostly pop songs, try exploring some smooth jazz. If strictly vocals determine the playlist, look into the classical instrumental works. Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal will let you search by musical genre, so you and your child can develop a wider appreciation for music.

2. Keep all practice materials in one place at home.

It’s a simple, but true statement – if I can easily reach it, I’m more likely to pick it up.

3. Longer is not always better.

Encourage your student to practice 4-5 times a week in 20 minute increments rather than an hour and half every Saturday. The repetition of material will produce success more consistently than “cramming” at the last minute. (This procedure works for test prep as well!)

4. Don’t forget technique practice.

No pro musician will say he loves practicing scales, long tones, or articulation. But every pro will tell you the mastery of those skills translates into better playing of any music in the future.

5. Sign them up for private lessons.

Whether your student needs more one on one attention to fine-tune some skills or is progressing rapidly and needs to be further challenged, private music lessons will support their endeavors. Here at Music & Arts we offer lessons on any instrument seven days a week. Our staff of degreed, experienced instructors will create an individualized plan to take your child to the next level of playing. Check out our instructors here and see how they can help expand your child’s true potential, or give us a call at the store to discuss availability.