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    • Ellen
    • Senior Sales Associate - Columbia
    • Hello! My name is Ellen Clements, and I began working here at Music & Arts in January of 2016. Music has been an integral part of my life and schooling since I began taking piano lessons at age 5. In 4th grade I picked up the oboe as my primary instrument...
    • Helen
    • Retail Sales Associate - Columbia
    • Hello! My name is Helen Scott. I have been involved in Music since early elementary school when I joined Choir and started Piano lessons. Once I got to Middle School, I began playing Flute, and Oboe at the end of Middle School. From there, I played Flute...
    • Lauren
    • Senior Sales Associate - Columbia
    • Welcome to our newest member! Lauren's background is in Music Education, and she is currently pursuing her Masters in Vocal Performance.
    • Ryan
    • Retail Sales Associate - Columbia
    • Hello, I'm Ryan Anderson! I just joined the team here at Music & Arts in January 2019. I play quite a few instruments including Drumset/percussion,Trumpet, Euphonium, and Guitar. I was born and raised in central Florida and moved to the Columbia...
    • Zach
    • Retail Manager - N - Columbia
    • I'm the manager of the Columbia, SC Music and Arts. I was born and raised just north of Philadelphia and moved into the area in the beginning of 2013 to join the South Carolina district. Both of my parents are musicians and decided to enroll me in...