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Open Mic Night


Open Mic Night

by Blake
Join the North Frederick, Maryland Music & Arts the THIRD Friday of EVERY month from 7:00-8:30 PM for our Open Mic Night!   This free event is open to the public. Musicians of all ages and ability levels are welcomed to perform!   Please bring your friends and family to join the audience!   All genres, instruments, vocal and performance styles are welcome!   We offer a fun,... View More

Back to School -- Instrument Rentals, Accessories, and Lessons!

by Michael
Back to School! It’s back-to-school time and many students are choosing instruments to play in school band or orchestra.  Here, at the North Frederick Music and Arts, we have everything your child needs to start playing successfully! #1 – Instrument Rentals:  We offer a convenient, flexible rental plan that is perfect for the beginning student, because you can return or... View More

The Art of Never Selling Yourself Short

by Olivia
   In the world of beginning musicians, I often hear the phrases “I’m not musically inclined” or “That seems way to hard for me” and “How long will it take until I’m good?”   My answer to many of those statements is always the same -- “Don’t sell yourself short.”   The whole reason this business came to be, was to... View More

Allora ATB100M Aere Custom Series Plastic Trombone

by Matthew
Hey there!  Do you know a Trombone player who: -Wants to play their instrument out at a bar or other potentially hazardous environment, but not want to damage their expensive professional/intermediate horn? or -Is too young to hold the weight of a brass instrument? or -Has an allergy to brass? or Needs an economical option   Well, look no further.  The Allora ATB100M Aere... View More

Musical Instrument Rental Program

by Jenna
Music & Arts Rental ProgramSharing music with families since 1952  Musical Instruments in Frederick   As a company, Music & Arts is the largest provider of instrument rentals, with more than 200,000 instruments being rented annually.  Our rental program is simple, easy, and 100% rent to own! All of your rental payments go towards the purchase of the instrument you are... View More