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Joy of Lessons from One of Our Own!!


Joy of Lessons from One of Our Own!!

by Orion

Being a former lesson student of the Music and Arts I now work at, as well as a current lesson student at my university, I know first-hand just how beneficial private lessons are. I remember starting guitar lessons at nine years old, super excited and ready to play, not realizing that big hurtles were up ahead. With the help of my guitar teacher I was able to overcome those hurtles and gain a new confidence in myself and my abilities. Practice ceased to be a daunting chore and began to be an exciting part of my day. New skills were formed, I picked up my guitar more, and my parents were happy to finally see me utilizing what they were spending half an hour a week waiting around for. At the age of fourteen, my parents purchased my first drum set for me. I still took guitar lessons, but decided to teach myself drums on the side. I jammed along to the easy rock songs I could sort of figure out by myself, but it wasn’t long before I was tired of jamming along to the same old songs and wanted to learn more. And thus I switched out my guitar lessons for drum lessons and am now pursuing a degree in drum set performance. The difference of learning by ear and learning from one on one instruction is monumental. Not only do lessons expand your knowledge of music and introduce you to new styles of playing that you were maybe unaware of before, but they also teach you how to listen differently, how to feel music differently, and even how to create your own voice with your instrument. Without lessons I never would have considered learning how to play in latin styles, been able to read down a jazz chart, or even know how to tackle a solo. With each lesson comes more and more inspiration to use what I’ve learned to write my own music, and I am extremely thankful to be given that opportunity by my parents. I may not have known it when I was nine years old, not even when I was fourteen, but that decision to put me in private lessons shaped my entire future and gave me a sturdy foundation to build my knowledge of music throughout my life.  We have some phenominal teachers that can get you started. The moment is now! Give us a call or a visit and talk to someone about lessons today.