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Let's Talk About Drumsticks!


Let's Talk About Drumsticks!

by J Adam

Drumsticks. Let’s talk about them.

Have you ever stepped into the store looking for drumsticks, only to be overwhelmed by your options? Every pair of sticks has a purpose and a player they’re right for, but which is the right one for you? Consider this! Are you using these for your band program? For middle school and concert band, the Vic Firth SD1 General sticks are the go-to choice. For marching band, the drums are much bigger, so you’ll have to step up to the Vic Firth Ralph Hardimon sticks for marching snare.

If you’re looking to play drumset, you’ll have different options. The general rule of thumb I’ve used is to check out the numbers and letters printed on the sticks. The higher the number, the thinner the stick. The letters will change what the tip of the stick is made of (W for wood, N for nylon) and how it’s shaped. For younger drummers, or if you’re looking for a great jazz stick, I would recommend the Vater 7A Manhattans. Metalheads take note! You can absolutely get the job done with these, but you’d be better served with the Vic Firth 2BWs to make sure they can stand up to the crushing power of all those crashes.

Keep in mind as you choose, that you can play any still with these sticks, but feel free to try them out! If they feel too thick or thin on your hands, try another pair. And remember, the goal is to have fun playing music! If you’re not doing that, you’re doing it wrong!