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Help Rebuild the North Central HS Band!


Help Rebuild the North Central HS Band!

by Ellen

As many of you have probably heard in the news or in your classrooms, North Central High School was devastated by a tornado in early January. The school has been relocated to a nearby tech school for the remainder of the school year, but most teachers could salvage nothing from the remains of the now roofless buildings.

The outpouring of support and donations for the school and its students has been tremendous, replacing basic school and cleaning supplies. But we would like to reach out specifically to one teacher and his needs, Mr. Jonas Nix, the band director. After finally being allowed to reenter his classroom, Mr. Nix quickly realized that almost nothing was salvageable and he would be, essentially, restarting the band program from the ground up.

So what can you all do? Music & Arts is currently accepting donations on behalf of Mr. Nix in the form of musical supplies, accessories, equipment, and instruments, even music stands and chairs. Listed below are a few of the items he will need to replace in his classroom :
      1. Reeds
      2. Mallets and drum sticks
      3. Mouthpieces and ligatures
      4. Reed Guards
      5. Instrument cleaning supplies/cleaning kits
      6. Tuners
      7. Valve oil, slide grease, cork grease
      8. Instrument donations
      9. Music Stands
      10. Gift Cards, of any dollar amount, for future needs

If have unused items or would like to purchase any of the above items to donate to Mr. Nix and the North Central High School Band Program, please stop by our store location on Hard Scrabble Road for drop off or purchase of items, and our Education Representative will coordinate the delivery to Mr. Nix. Any small donation will be greatly appreciated.

If you have any further questions or would like to inquire further into the school’s needs, please feel free to contact us via phone or email (listed below). And thank you so much for supporting your community in its time of need!