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Band and Orchestra Instruments


Band and Orchestra Instruments



The North Frederick Music & Arts recently added new instruments to our band and orchestra wall! We have the most popular brands and models in-store and have everythign else available in-stock through our warehouse.



Our flute display has some of the best models available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. Brands include Bundy, Verve, Jupiter, Yamaha, Ventus by Hanes, and Pearl. We also carry piccolos!

We are a Verve, Bundy, Jupiter, Yamaha, and Ventus by Eastman Alto and Tenor Saxophone music store. Also ask about P. Mauriot saxophones.

The clarinets include: Verve, Bundy, Jupiter, Yamaha, Ventus by Backun, and Buffet.


The trumpet lineun includes, Verve, Bundy, Jupiter, Yamaha, Getzen, Jupiter XO, Yamaha Xeno, Bach Stradavarious.

Our trombone collection includes Verve, Jupiter, Yamaha, Ventus by Eastman, and Bach. We also carry Pbones in every available color!

Orchestral Strings

We carry Otto Benjamin by Eastman stings violins, violas, and cellos. These instruments are all hand-crafted instruments with a high level of craftsmenship from the student models through their intermediate and professional lines.